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UP is a project that started in January 2016. It is a functional game where you can turn off the alarm by setting an alarm and clearing the game when the alarm goes off. We started the project with the inspiration that the game could be used in real life by watching "QUEST", a game-management solution.
The game consists of a simple mini-game. For example, it's the same as a one-touch run game. In the early days of development, we searched for similar types of alarm games. There were a lot more games than I thought, and they all played and found something in common. On iOS, we did not see any games we were pursuing. There were several apps that pursued similar things, but they were too urgent for the BM design, and the original features were not faithful.
We didn't see any signs of worrying and experimenting to wake me up. Some games require you to clear a simple jumping game so that you can turn off the alarm, but the level design of the game is the same every time you turn off the alarm, so you can clear it even if you do not see the screen. UP automatically design the level design every time you play, so you can focus on the game naturally. In addition, there was a problem in that it only took a long time to catch the user because it enters the app only when setting the alarm.
Now we are developing rewards through alarm games. If you set an alarm, you get out of the enemies. In the morning, when you clear the alarm game, you grab the enemy, give you the same level of experience as your level, and plan your way to decorate your character according to the level. I think that UP, which is made through so many experiments and thoughts, is well worth the experimental game.